Saturday, November 7, 2009

On a lighter note

I thought just for fun I would share my family at Halloween. I love Halloween. I go all out. I did my husband and all my kids. We are Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Werewolf. We won first at the Halloween Contest. It is the one time of the year you can be anybody.
This is Douglas. It is hard to see but he has a hand coming thru his forehead. As though someone put their hand thru his forehead then ripped his head clean off. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!
Douglas is a hard worker. He puts his all into everything he does. He is a typical teen, mouthy. He is a good kid though. He gets good grades and doesn't get into trouble. I am very proud of him.
Devin is a Disco Dude. That is what he called himself. It worked for me. Devin is a mother hen. He tries to parent all the kids. He is a neat freak. Everything has to be in order or life may crumble. In some ways that isn't a bad trait. Devin is a klutz like his mom. If there is a hole in front of it, i am sure one of us will trip.

Dawson was Scooby Dooby Doooo. He is our shy and quiet child. He is so adorable. He would do anything for you. He is a lover. When he does get upset about something his cry will pull at your heart strings. It's so quiet and sad you have to hold strong..Because what you really want to do is wrap your arms around him and let him get away with everything.

Morgan Danielle is Dracula. She is our tomboy. She isn't into girly stuff. Locust shells is what she collects all summer. Frogs you'll find in every container. Morgan Danielle and Dawson are total opposites yet they are glued at the hips.

Decemberlyn is a Butterfly girl. If you can believe it that is all her hair. I used lots of hairspray,teased it, and sprayed it with color. She is my girly girl. She is a Drama Queen. I think she can shed a tear at the drop of a hat. It's hard to admit but she is me when I was little.

Destiny was our adorable clown. It took me FOREVER to tease up her hair and get it to look like a clown wig but I think I got close. She is half and half. She is girly and a tomboy. She loves Tinkerbell and any type of princess yet she loves frogs, any type of bug and would live outside if you let her. She is our Destiny because I was told I would have no more children. After I had surgery for my sinuses, I went home and got really sick. I went to the hospital and after taking blood they came back saying that I was pregnant. She was Destined to be here. God was taking care of her while I had all those drugs in my system. She is healthy.

Diezel is our spider. I wasn't going to put makeup on him or hair color but he insisted. If his brothers and sisters get it he wants it to. Diezel brings up the rear. He is the last. There will be no more babies for me. I think Seven is plenty. I am sure anyone would agree with me. Diezel is a go getter. If he wants something he will work at it till he figures it out. He is bull headed just like his father. He is a lover like his mother and he is smart like his oldest brother.
This is my whole crew. I am so lucky to have them. Each one of them has a different personality. I wouldn't want it any other way. I can't wait till next year. The possibilities are limitless............

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A good movie

This movie is an older one but it is so worth watching. I had some friends over and they had said before that they could not imagine what it was like to have found out your child was deaf. When Douglas was born and I found out that he was deaf, I had no idea that he would ever hear as well as he does.
Anyways, we watched this movie and my friends experienced what I felt. When the mother on here realizes that she is sure that her son can't hear it goes silent around her. They did a good job in this movie of showing or making you feel how it would feel to discover your child is deaf. It's a wonderful movie.
It also shows a father trying to fulfill his life long dreams and maintain his family. It shows his struggle to relate to his deaf son. I recommend anyone to watch this.

Nucleus 5

                                                                      This is Diezel with his sister Decemberlyn. This was taken last night after we got back from Omaha, Nebraska. He is showing off his new nucleus fives.

I’m Giving Diezel a piece of chocolate from Halloween so that he will stay still long enough to get a side view of his new processor. It has plastic covers that you can put on. Right now he has blue with soccer balls on them.

This implant comes with a remote that does so many things. I think the feature I like best so far is that you can put the head piece on the back of the remote and it will tell you if it is working or what is wrong. It also will have you make noises and it will tell you if the microphone is working right. I also like that I can turn it on off or on without messing with it behind his ear. The battery part locks. No more of Diezel pulling all the pieces apart and I spending forever finding them all. They all lock together. I also like the hook that helps hold it on. It is like eyeglass material. You heat it up to shape it. It really stays well to his head. I am using toupee tape still just for extra measures. Oh, I also like that the wire is separate from the head piece. The battery goes in thru the middle instead of the bottom. You don't replace a filter across the whole processor instead it is to little round ones that go over the microphone. It seems the company took all the suggestions and ideas from people who have implants and put it all together to make a wonderful device. It is soooo kid proof which makes it nice for mothers who stress out about trying to find where their child has placed every part that they dismantled. I spent two hours in my yard looking. I have gone thru all of the garbage before. I have been on my hands and knees looking for a piece of the implant at Wal-Mart. I have to open the door to the Tahoe slowly just in case a piece is going to fall out. It is so nice that this new device locks and the head piece is very hard to pull apart. I am excited....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is my DAD, Verdel. He is a wonderful man. When I was little I thought that all men were evil. I thought God didn't know I existed. My childhood included a very sick man (my birth father). I am grateful that he created me but that would be it. God knew me. He watched over me. He couldn't control my birth father. He did give us free will. However God could watch over me and let me see the blessing that I have received. My mom finally got out of that horrible situation with her first husband. She used food to comfort her pain. She started meeting friends and they introduced her to O.A. (over eaters anonymous). This is were she met my dad. We lived in V.A. They dated for over two years. My two brothers and I were not so nice to him. I think in our minds that if our birth father could be the way he was with us, all men have to be this way. Verdel stuck it out. He was tough. I am not saying he never was hurt by us children but he was patient and never left us. They married and not long after my dad retired from the navy. My mom and dad decided we all needed a fresh start so my dad moved us to his childhood home, Nebraska. It was different, small, and it was slower paced. At the time it was scary and I was broken. God knew I needed Nebraska. I came out of my shell and started healing. It has taken over 21 years but I think I am almost there. I think most of my wounds are healed. My DAD is a wonderful man. He stuck by and loved me unconditionally till I was ready to except him. He never had any biological children but instead got three broken kids from his marriage. He excepted us as though we were his and he never looked back. I was sixteen before I started to let him in but by the time I was eighteen I truly felt blessed to have such a wonderful DAD and let him know so. When I had my first child, my dad was in the delivery room with me. I felt he deserved to have the experience of child birth. He may not have created us but he made us. I wanted him to see life from the beginning. A child undamaged, a child free to love unconditionally. I am glad he was in the delivery room with me. I was a scared little girl and he kept me calm. To this day Douglas and My DAD have a special bond. He is a caring grandpa. Teaching them all how to build things, how to work on cars, and most of all he is teaching them to love unconditionally. I am blessed. I am grateful that he loves me....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Surgery is over

Diezel did well. He was in pain for the first day and night then he bounced back to his normal self. He gets hooked up this Wednesday. I am excited. The first implant he received was the nucleus freedom. You can feel it on his head. It protrudes a little. This new one even with a little swelling you can not feel it at all. He received the nucleus 5. I like that it is not noticeable from site or touch. Well I hope he does well at his hook up.