Saturday, November 7, 2009

On a lighter note

I thought just for fun I would share my family at Halloween. I love Halloween. I go all out. I did my husband and all my kids. We are Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Werewolf. We won first at the Halloween Contest. It is the one time of the year you can be anybody.
This is Douglas. It is hard to see but he has a hand coming thru his forehead. As though someone put their hand thru his forehead then ripped his head clean off. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!
Douglas is a hard worker. He puts his all into everything he does. He is a typical teen, mouthy. He is a good kid though. He gets good grades and doesn't get into trouble. I am very proud of him.
Devin is a Disco Dude. That is what he called himself. It worked for me. Devin is a mother hen. He tries to parent all the kids. He is a neat freak. Everything has to be in order or life may crumble. In some ways that isn't a bad trait. Devin is a klutz like his mom. If there is a hole in front of it, i am sure one of us will trip.

Dawson was Scooby Dooby Doooo. He is our shy and quiet child. He is so adorable. He would do anything for you. He is a lover. When he does get upset about something his cry will pull at your heart strings. It's so quiet and sad you have to hold strong..Because what you really want to do is wrap your arms around him and let him get away with everything.

Morgan Danielle is Dracula. She is our tomboy. She isn't into girly stuff. Locust shells is what she collects all summer. Frogs you'll find in every container. Morgan Danielle and Dawson are total opposites yet they are glued at the hips.

Decemberlyn is a Butterfly girl. If you can believe it that is all her hair. I used lots of hairspray,teased it, and sprayed it with color. She is my girly girl. She is a Drama Queen. I think she can shed a tear at the drop of a hat. It's hard to admit but she is me when I was little.

Destiny was our adorable clown. It took me FOREVER to tease up her hair and get it to look like a clown wig but I think I got close. She is half and half. She is girly and a tomboy. She loves Tinkerbell and any type of princess yet she loves frogs, any type of bug and would live outside if you let her. She is our Destiny because I was told I would have no more children. After I had surgery for my sinuses, I went home and got really sick. I went to the hospital and after taking blood they came back saying that I was pregnant. She was Destined to be here. God was taking care of her while I had all those drugs in my system. She is healthy.

Diezel is our spider. I wasn't going to put makeup on him or hair color but he insisted. If his brothers and sisters get it he wants it to. Diezel brings up the rear. He is the last. There will be no more babies for me. I think Seven is plenty. I am sure anyone would agree with me. Diezel is a go getter. If he wants something he will work at it till he figures it out. He is bull headed just like his father. He is a lover like his mother and he is smart like his oldest brother.
This is my whole crew. I am so lucky to have them. Each one of them has a different personality. I wouldn't want it any other way. I can't wait till next year. The possibilities are limitless............


  1. To bad for you mom that next year after graduation you will miss me tons because I will be gone in college. I want to say thank you mom for raising me and teaching me so many things. You are the best mother any son would want. I love you mom!

  2. Aren't I blessed to have you for my son/