Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nucleus 5

                                                                      This is Diezel with his sister Decemberlyn. This was taken last night after we got back from Omaha, Nebraska. He is showing off his new nucleus fives.

I’m Giving Diezel a piece of chocolate from Halloween so that he will stay still long enough to get a side view of his new processor. It has plastic covers that you can put on. Right now he has blue with soccer balls on them.

This implant comes with a remote that does so many things. I think the feature I like best so far is that you can put the head piece on the back of the remote and it will tell you if it is working or what is wrong. It also will have you make noises and it will tell you if the microphone is working right. I also like that I can turn it on off or on without messing with it behind his ear. The battery part locks. No more of Diezel pulling all the pieces apart and I spending forever finding them all. They all lock together. I also like the hook that helps hold it on. It is like eyeglass material. You heat it up to shape it. It really stays well to his head. I am using toupee tape still just for extra measures. Oh, I also like that the wire is separate from the head piece. The battery goes in thru the middle instead of the bottom. You don't replace a filter across the whole processor instead it is to little round ones that go over the microphone. It seems the company took all the suggestions and ideas from people who have implants and put it all together to make a wonderful device. It is soooo kid proof which makes it nice for mothers who stress out about trying to find where their child has placed every part that they dismantled. I spent two hours in my yard looking. I have gone thru all of the garbage before. I have been on my hands and knees looking for a piece of the implant at Wal-Mart. I have to open the door to the Tahoe slowly just in case a piece is going to fall out. It is so nice that this new device locks and the head piece is very hard to pull apart. I am excited....


  1. did you do the upgrade/trade in?? or did insurance cover it? they look awesome. a boy in monrovia's class just got them too.

  2. They don't have the upgrade/trade yet. He got his second implant. The implant comes with two processors. So we had them program the extra one for his nucleus freedom. When they have the upgrade/trade in, we will do this.

  3. Lisa, What do you think of the nucleus 5 compared to the freedom. We are thinking about upgrading our daughter who is 4. She was bilaterally implanted in April of 08.

  4. how bout looking for a brown one in a giant sandbox when you are out of town and no flashlight? that was fun. and once we literally dismantled my best friends couch before finding one. oh, the places those little critters can hide!!