Thursday, December 2, 2010

Letting go and College bound

Our oldest is in his senior year. I am having a hard time getting him to understand that there is a lot of things he needs to consider when picking a college. I am trying to let this be his decision with letting him see all sides to each college. How do you let go and hope he makes the right choices? How do you step back and know he may fail? How do I let him be a young adult? How do I just let go, period?  These are all questions running through my head. Way back when I could not have imagined that We would be here already and I would have to let go?


  1. Dear Lisa:

    This is a point in your life and your son's life that you have to let go. You have to cut those apron strings and let him "fly the nest". I know it's hard, but he needs to learn the world on his own. As a parent, you done your job of protecting him. But now he must learn the pros and cons of life. Just as hard as it sounds, he has to learn what people are like out there.

    As in respect to college, tell him to talk to his career counselor in High School. But if he chooses to go to college like NTID/RIT or Gallaudet University or anywhere else, please respect him. If he decides to turn off his CI, that's his decision. He's no longer bound by you. He has his own life and his body belongs to him. Remember to love him and be there for him when he asks. Let him learn. Thanks.

  2. This is douglas and i probably wont turn off my cochlear implant and i would like to go to rit because i would be in both world such as communicating with the deaf also able to talk to the hearing people