Friday, September 24, 2010

Lost Processor

Where did the summer go? This is a picture of Decemberlyn and Diezel at the kid's swim meet. While the kids were swimming, Diezel was playing at the park. Do you know how difficult it is looking for a beige processor in sand? Two hours in and we found it. The thousands of imaginary bricks on my shoulders dropped the minute I saw it under the merry go round...
Now we have lost it again. This time at the babysitters. We spent all day looking for it without any luck. We are hoping the company will replace it this once and then I can only pray that we never lose it again. Body Adhesive Tape works well for the most part and if Diezel isn't wrapped up (in whatever it maybe that he is doing) he is usually pretty good at bringing me his processor if it falls off.
We will just have to see what the future holds......


  1. I use EarGear with my son when he was younger. It is spandex that goes over the processor with a clip that attaches to the clothes. It is at
    I can't remember what type of processor your son has, but they all should come with a one time loss/damage with a deductable. AFter that I would insure it for loss/damage under ESCO. The warranty stays in affect, but not the one time loss damage.
    Good luck. Have been there done that. Elijah is now 10 and uses snugfit, but he just started it over the summer. I was scared at first, but he has done well!

  2. See how Katie-louise Bailey secures her CI while playing football (soccer) at