Friday, June 18, 2010

One more year

Douglas had his senior pictures done a week ago. It made me a little sad. I starting thinking about how short this year will be. Then my baby will be heading off to make his own destiny. He plans to go to R.I.T. in New York. That is a very long way from home. I won't be able to see his smile, tears or hear his laugh or snores.
When I was told Douglas was deaf it was like the world stopped. Every sound I heard I just couldn't help thinking that he would never hear them. How life can be so different than you imagined. Here we are seventeen years later and thanks to the miracle of cochlear implants my son has defied the odds. He hears most and speaks very well plus he is fluent in sign language. His deafness may have been a loss at the time I found out but who would have thought I would say now We are Blessed... I may worry about him being so far away but I know he is ready. He will do great. I must enjoy every second I have this year before he is gone far away.

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  1. Hi, Congrats on the new path of life for both of you, It is so wonderful to hear positive stories. I wish Douglas all the best in his new adventure! My son Joshua is a 8 year old boy who was implanted at 13 months old and has been in mainstream school since kindergarten. I wondered if there many obstacles Douglas had to face with the other boys in school? All off a sudden this year (3rd grade) Joshua has been being picked on and bullied to the point he comes home crying that he has no friends because he is different. Is there any advice you can give us to get through the next 9 years of school? Thank you, a very heart broken mother. Helen