Friday, June 18, 2010

having fun

Diezel got to enjoy feeding a chipmunk at Estes Park in Colorado. He had so much fun. But at the end of the day he started getting cranky and wanted to be held. Diezel is wants to do everything by himself so when he wants to be held and cradled, I knew he wasn't right. In wasn't much longer before he vomited on me...I just wonder if it wasn't the altitude? Besides that one mishap it was a very beautiful day. He can repeat many words you say, perfect but unless you pull it out of him he would rather babble. I hope this is normal and sometime down the road he will start speaking words on his on accord.
Jackie (our cousin) was told by Diezel to look up at the mountain goats. He wanted to make sure everyone saw what he was seeing. It was amazing.

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