Monday, August 24, 2009

Diezel's summer

When you say "kissy kissy" Diezel will pucker up. I think it is so cute. Our summer has gone by so fast but it has gone by without an accident, in our family that is a miracle.
Diezel signs frog, please, more, uncle, thank you, kitty, puppy, eat, drink, candy, gum, want, but his favorite is no,no,no... He is trying out words with his voice. He says mom, dad, Douglas(Douglish), no(mo), don't, kitty, a few other words but can't think of them.
Diezel is due a follow up at Boystown National Research Hospital in Omaha Nebraska. I am curious to see how he does now that he is a little older. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby cradled in my arms. I can't believe he is nineteen months.
I am proud that my Diezel is learning to sign and speak. He comes from hearing parents so I want him use his voice. He was born deaf and that is apart of him as well. When the cochlear implant comes off he is still deaf so I want him to sign as well, the best of both worlds, why not?

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