Monday, January 18, 2010

A wonderful son

This is Douglas when he was younger. Thank goodness for braces. He had a very bad overbite. I am so proud of Douglas. When I was a teenager my mom use to say you will get it twice as bad when you have your own. So far, I have been very lucky. The other day Douglas was Instant Messaging me on Yahoo. Here is a copy of our conversation. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful son.                                                                             douglas_sidak: i have none c's in my report card whoooo

douglas_sidak: I'm not kidding no c's

douglas_sidak: i have b - in English

douglas_sidak: but rest is b and a

douglas_sidak: 3 a

douglas_sidak: and 4 b

douglas_sidak: how awesome is that

douglas_sidak: i worked harder

douglas_sidak: I'm going to work harder for this semester

douglas_sidak: i love you mom

douglas_sidak: thank you for raising me at the start to be a smart boy

douglas_sidak: i will always continue my education

douglas_sidak: I'm not giving up

douglas_sidak: i love you

douglas_sidak: i love you soo much

douglas_sidak: your the best mom ever

romperroom30: U were born smart I Love u and I am proud of u

douglas_sidak: i am proud of you for being a mother

romperroom30: I am happy God choose u 2 be my son!

douglas_sidak: = D

douglas_sidak: i am happy god choose u to be my mother

douglas_sidak: i know that i am mouthy sometime but i will always love you

douglas_sidak: i might get to far but I'm sorry for every time i get to far

douglas_sidak: how did the funeral go

romperoom30: It was good. I am glad to have known a man who protected his country as a soldier, our state as a reserve and our city as a firefighter.... Rest in peace, Jimmie Dale Sawyer

Check out Douglas' website.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

new words

This is Diezel with his cousin, Gracee and his Grandma Fern. We were at Morgan's skating party. They are a month apart.
Diezel is now saying stop it, one, two, three, two, two, and two, that is how he counts. He is also saying what, more please, uh oooo, want it, get it, Dawson, Douglas, and a few more I just can't think of them.
Gracee can say way more than this but I have to remember that Diezel is saying words with cochlear implants and she says words with the use of her ears. I am so grateful for what he is accomplishing and I am proud of Gracee and her speech. Anyways, they are both adorable and I think you can tell that they are related.....