Monday, January 18, 2010

A wonderful son

This is Douglas when he was younger. Thank goodness for braces. He had a very bad overbite. I am so proud of Douglas. When I was a teenager my mom use to say you will get it twice as bad when you have your own. So far, I have been very lucky. The other day Douglas was Instant Messaging me on Yahoo. Here is a copy of our conversation. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful son.                                                                             douglas_sidak: i have none c's in my report card whoooo

douglas_sidak: I'm not kidding no c's

douglas_sidak: i have b - in English

douglas_sidak: but rest is b and a

douglas_sidak: 3 a

douglas_sidak: and 4 b

douglas_sidak: how awesome is that

douglas_sidak: i worked harder

douglas_sidak: I'm going to work harder for this semester

douglas_sidak: i love you mom

douglas_sidak: thank you for raising me at the start to be a smart boy

douglas_sidak: i will always continue my education

douglas_sidak: I'm not giving up

douglas_sidak: i love you

douglas_sidak: i love you soo much

douglas_sidak: your the best mom ever

romperroom30: U were born smart I Love u and I am proud of u

douglas_sidak: i am proud of you for being a mother

romperroom30: I am happy God choose u 2 be my son!

douglas_sidak: = D

douglas_sidak: i am happy god choose u to be my mother

douglas_sidak: i know that i am mouthy sometime but i will always love you

douglas_sidak: i might get to far but I'm sorry for every time i get to far

douglas_sidak: how did the funeral go

romperoom30: It was good. I am glad to have known a man who protected his country as a soldier, our state as a reserve and our city as a firefighter.... Rest in peace, Jimmie Dale Sawyer

Check out Douglas' website.

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