Thursday, April 22, 2010

O'neill Prom 2010

Douglas and Alecia right before they went to prom. They have known each other since they were two. They are like brother and sister. They goof off as you can see in one of these pictures. The other is of Douglas' interpreter, Laurie. It was amazing that she was willing to go to prom with them. She also went to post prom with them for awhile. Douglas is so lucky to have her. I can't believe my oldest boy is going to prom already. He is going to two more, one in Lexington Ne. with a girl he is interested in dating. Her name is Nicole. She is deaf as well. Her brother is hard of hearing. It is nice to have others that I can relate to as well as Douglas. I will post pictures of that prom when we get back from it this weekend. Then in May he is going to a deaf prom in Omaha Ne.. After going to the speech contest in Kearney a friend, Vickie asked him if he would like to go with her. It is a little much but at least he has friends to have fun with and make memories with. Vickie is deaf and her sister is hard of hearing as well. Nicole and Vickie and siblings that are hearing. Douglas relates to them because of his family dynamic and I can relate to their parents. Having children that can hear and two that can't, it is nice to know other people that are similar to me. Well, I will post when I have pictures...

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