Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making a decision that is life long

We have been waiting on Diezel's ear infection to clear up to proceed with his second cochlear implant. We live 200 miles away from his doctor so we haven't been back yet to go forward. He wears a hearing aide and I now he is hearing with it. I didn't realize his head piece was off and I called for him and he looked at me. So all day I was testing him. I would clap my hands and he would look to see what I was doing. I would make noises and he would look at me. When we had him in the sound proof room he turned to sound without it (yes it was louder sounds) but with his hearing aide on he turned to some softer sounds. They said it wasn't alot so he was still a canidate for a second one. I know that he wasn't hearing at his best when they tested him because he had an ear infection when they tested him. He had fluid behind his ear.
What if I decide to take away his hearing and it was enough with the use of a hearing aide. It is hard to make decisions for your child when whatever you decide will affect their lives either way I choose.

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