Thursday, February 26, 2009

A poem from Douglas..

My son wrote this for his english class and I thought it was something I should share with others. I think this about sums it up for a deaf child....HOW SPECIAL!!!!!

Born on February fifteenth of nineteen ninety-three, I was born into a world of silence. To see the faces around me made me happy but to not hear the words from their mouths made me sad. My world changed as I was implanted with a cochlear implant….
A day of sound…
I am from December of 1999.
From a deaf baby to a hearing boy
From beautiful faces to beautiful voices
From only knowing silence to a world of noises

I am from hard work and perseverance.
From deaf educators, speech therapy and reading lips
From the use of sign language and using my voice
From signing my first word to learning to say my first word

I am from God.
I am from family made from God, He who knew they needed me and I them
From trust, faith and security
From a Family who stands strong beside me to God who lives within me

I am from never giving up.
From deafness, the hurt from surgery, and recovery
From hearing each sound, every noise and learning it’s source
From realizing my mistakes and trying over again and again then getting it right

I am from misunderstandings
From deaf to hearing, it’s hard to see that words deceive me
From words I hear, no meaning till I can see them and still achieving
From knowing this and still willing to try

I am from coping.
From making it work, figuring it out, and still moving on
From heartbreak, heartache, and still loving
From sadness and emotion and yet I let go
From frustration and confusion and yet I succeed

I am from a deaf culture and a hearing world.
From those who sign and those who speak each different
From unspoken words and words spoken out loud
From deaf understanding and fighting to make a hearing world understand

I am from a cochlear implant.
From deafness, hearing sounds and noises a plenty
From words, sentences, paragraphs, and complete stories
From my world and yours
From understanding that I have a voice and a cochlear implant to hear it

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  1. To my dear sweet friend, I am so glad that you set up this site. I am sure it will be encouraging to many mothers whom have to go through what you have had to go through. They will be able to say well if this mother can give a wonderful life to two children whom have received the implant and made that life long decision, and can sacrifice the time and anything else needed to make sure they get to all their doctor appointments, and all of the extra curricular organizations that Douglas and eventually Deizel are affiliated with in regards to the deaf community all while being the mother of 5 other children then so can I. If I haven’t told you enough you are AMAZING!!! I love you! You are an incredible mother and the best friend anyone could EVER ask for!

    Sincerely, Andrea